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Fascias and Soffits Repair and Replacement

Fascias are an important part of a house, not only do they support and hold the bottom row of tiles on a roof in place but they also hold the guttering up. Soffits are a way of keeping the roof properly ventilated and need to be maintained to make sure the timber in the roof doesn’t decay. Over time soffits and fascias can become damaged and worn and may need to be repaired or replaced completely. At Cuffley Conservatories we can perform a full range of roofing services to repair and replace fascias and soffits for conservatories as well as normal roofing.

Based in the village of Cuffley we carry out soffit and fascia repairs and replacement in Enfield, Potters Bar, Cheshunt and the surrounding areas. We are an independent family run business and specialise in windows, doors conservatories and roofing and pride ourselves on offering honest advice to our customers.

There are many companies that will offer an over-cladding or over-capping service for fascias and soffits but we don’t believe that this is a viable solution. One of the problems with over-capping is that the timber below will continue to deteriorate over time causing the new fascias and soffits to come loose and need redoing. While over-cladding is the cheapest option we would recommend against it as it is a short term fix where replacement with uPVC is a permanent repair.

Some of the benefits of using uPVC for your new soffits and fascias are that it will not rot, it doesn’t require regular maintenance and it will not need painting unlike traditional timber. As well as soffits and fascias we can also install a range of gutter guards and eave guard solutions to help ensure your rainwater systems are up to the job.

If you are looking for a reliable company to replace or repair your fascias and soffits then get in touch with Cuffley Conservatories today on 07973 505 794. Whether you want traditional timber fascias and soffits or like the idea of maintenance free uPVC we can provide you with a full range of solutions at a competitive price.